Reliability and innovation
Reliability and innovation
Reliability and innovation

After Sales

Werfring quite simply always offers the best service

We are specialists in all things maintenance, service and overhaul. Whether it’s a question of one of our own systems, or a system from another company – our extensive range of services includes preventative measures, suggestions for optimisation and overhaul work in the domain of conveyor technology.

We provide our customers with advice regarding the servicing and maintenance work suitable for their conveyor system even before it is required, as well as with guidance when selecting components. The regular services we provide include any necessary repairs, as well as a yearly overhaul. All maintenance work is performed by our highly dedicated members of staff. At the end of the day, it’s about keeping your system up and running for as long as possible!


Before its annual service, the entire system is checked and a list is made specifying any damaged components. An offer will then be prepared for these parts based on this list. As such, we can ensure that all the components required are available to be fitted at the time of servicing.

This procedure allows us ensure that system downtimes are kept as short as possible when parts are being replaced.


We don’t leave anything to chance! Using a perfected maintenance schedule allows us to keep system downtimes as short as possible during its yearly service.


Older systems in particular often have components which cannot be easily found when they need to be replaced. Our consultancy team have the right advice at their fingertips – and we can identify and offer you suitable alternatives.

We can manufacture and deliver spare parts, such as shafts or special manufactured parts, in-house at short notice.


Any products which are not properly transported have a negative effect on the system’s efficiency. Downtimes are often the unpleasant consequences of conveyor system which have been poorly designed.

As such, our range of services also includes the optimisation of your conveyor systems and this has positive effects on the volumes produced.


Our highly-qualified installation team are specialists in relocating existing conveyor systems, either in part or in full.

WERFRING dismantles, relocates and then reassembles entire systems in a reliable and efficient manner.


Another one of our strong points, besides constructing new systems, is also the modification and expansion of existing systems. We can integrate new machines into existing conveyor systems without a problem, or we can take care of completely remodelling a certain production line. Put your trust in us: Here at Werfring, we always have a suitable solution to all your transportation problems.