Reliability and innovation
Reliability and innovation


The ideal material

High demands are placed on materials, especially in the food and drink industry and particularly when it comes to acid resistance and hygiene.

V2A or V4A stainless steel is the best option for many applications. It offers a combination of excellent features – it is one of a kind, stable, long-lasting and functional. This material offers virtually limitless possibilities in terms of design and construction and can withstand the highest static loads.

Working with stainless steel demands the greatest accuracy and employees must hold a high technical qualification. Requirements that our employees can meet on a daily basis thanks to years’ worth of experience and constant training. Our employees can quite simply guarantee the highest product quality.

The material and structure have to bear heavy loads and as such, stringent safety standards and regulations must be consistently observed. As a specialist welding company, we are certified as per EN 1090 and confirm that we observe all the standards with the CE symbol.