Reliability and innovation
Reliability and innovation

Lightweight warehouse

New possibilities for companies in the trade, commerce and industrial sectors

The lightweight warehouse is an innovative way to realise a flexible warehouse that can be offered as a cold storage hall, as well as in an insulated design. This type of warehouse stands out from the crowd with its high quality, stability and lasting value. The complete construction consists of a strip-galvanised and powder-coated trapezoidal sheet and an edged frame. It is delivered as individual parts.

Each individual segment of the warehouse is 2.4 m in length – as such, it is possible to build a warehouse of any length divisible by 2.4 m. What’s special about the type of warehouse? It does not require any special transportation when being delivered!

We offer unsupported standard lightweight warehouses in widths 9.6 m, 12 m and 16 m, and in heights ranging from 4.4 to 6 m.

Double warehouses with a row of supports in the middle of the hall can be supplied in widths 24 m, 32 m and 36 m.

The side walls and roof are delivered as one part, folded down. After the side walls have been unfolded, connecting tubes are attached to the upper side in order to achieve the stability required. Subsequently, each individual segment is screwed together one after the other and are therefore connected with each other.

If necessary, the warehouse can be supplied in an insulated design.

Strip lighting can be installed on the upper longitudinal sides. A cover is affixed on the outer side which functions simultaneously as a gutter. The inner side of the roof is insulated with glass wool fibre, approx. 8cm thick. This is the best way to prevent condensation.

Lightweight warehouses are constructed in an extremely short space of time. A hall with a surface area of around 500 m² can be completed in just 34 working hours.

And another advantage: The warehouses can be dismantled and reassembled in another location as often as required. They can also be extended at any time, as such they can be lengthened or shortened without a problem. Gates and doors can be installed as required.

Warehouses can be assembled on existing foundations, as well as on any other solid ground.

We can also supply various platforms and shelves. We can always find an optimal solution to meet all your requirements.

All the advantages at a glance:

  • Quick planning permission
  • Foundation work is simple
  • Short delivery times
  • Can be re-used
  • Quick to assemble
  • High resale value
  • Modern and individual designs

Area of usage:

  • Warehouse for any kind of appliances and materials
  • Storage spaces for boats
  • Warehouses for drinks, food and agricultural products
  • Dry crop storage
  • Storage space for packaging material
  • Place of refuge in the event of a catastrophe
  • Interim storage space if existing buildings are undergoing renovation work
  • Sales or exhibition halls