Reliability and innovation
Reliability and innovation

Conveyor technology for packaged products

The basic requirements for transporting packaged products are mostly similar. Products should be transported from A to B as quickly as possible and without being damaged. Having said that, Werfring is presented with new challenges on an almost daily basis. Routes to cold storage locations or to packaging machines are becoming longer and longer, yet the times specified to get there are becoming ever shorter and the output produced should be doubled.

But it’s not a problem with WERFRING conveyor systems. New systems are kitted out with sufficient amounts of reserve power. Whether it’s a matter of shrink-wrapping, tubular bags or cardboard – our conveyor systems will carry your product safely to the next machine.


Mat chain conveyor technology has become much more advanced in recent years, establishing its place within the food industry. Every conveyor chain manufacturer now supplies products which meet the high standards required in the food industry. We considered all technical aspects to create a perfect system and as such, we can offer you a modular installation within the domain of mat chain conveying technology which can be adapted to suit your own product and circumstances. Our product range includes corner conveyors, ascending conveyors and accumulating roller conveyors. 


The classic roller conveyor comes in various models and is one of the most simple and economical ways of transporting packaged food products. Thanks to the modular design of our conveyor systems, we can supply you with corner conveyors, gravity roller conveyors, friction roller conveyors and even conveyor belts for transporting boxes and large packages in a short space of time.


There are many different ways of transporting a product upwards. Here at WERFRING, we’re sure to have the system perfect for you – whether it’s a matter of a phasing lift, continuous conveyor or ascending conveyor. We are one of the few manufacturers to offer our systems in stainless steel, and we take your cleaning processes into consideration as soon as in the design stages. Our stacking elevators can easily transport your boxes, bowls, crates, trays and other types of packages. It is even possible for high outputs and heavy packages to be transported without a problem. 


For in-house goods flows, it may occur that products often have to be distributed across several lines. Our product range includes different line distributors which vary in terms of the number of inlets and outlets. We can provide you with the system that’s perfect for you, according to product shape and weight.