Reliability and innovation
Reliability and innovation

Crate transportation technology

Almost every company within the food industry works with plastic crates – like E2 or special stacking crates. Whether it’s a matter of stacking, turning or transporting – our crate transportation technology will meet all your requirements. We’re happy to design, manufacture and realise your innovative project in the area of crate transportation technology.

We pay the closest attention to ensuring that hygiene regulations are observed. Furthermore, we are constantly working together with our suppliers for conveyor technology components so that our crate transportation systems bear up against your cleaning agents for years to come. Why not opt for WERFRING crate transportation technology and reap the benefits from our experience.


The key features of a mat chain conveyor: quiet operation, wear-resistant system and the best operational safety. In recent years, mat chain conveyors have become the preferred type of conveyor, being chosen over the typical roller conveyor more and more frequently. This type of conveyor is perfect for creating crate transportation lines due to the versatility of the innovative system – it is possible to create curves, inclines and descents, as well as extremely long transportation lines. 


We can offer a wide range of design options when it comes to roller conveyors. We can produce system entirely out of stainless steel, galvanised or coated, as per customer requirements. Whether it’s a matter of corner conveyors, gravity roller conveyors or power-driven friction roller conveyors – thanks to a modular design, when it comes to roller conveyors, we can supply you with a cost-effective transportation system for your crates in just a short space of time.


A crate slide can perform many different tasks – such as overcome differences in height, turn a crate or even empty a crate. Depending on the type of crate and the intended usage, we can tailor-make a crate slide just for you. If necessary, the slide can also be kitted out with a motor-powered brake wheel, or a pneumatic stopper.


There are many different possibilities for lifting or lowering your crate from one height level to another. Depending on the space available, output required and the shape of the crates, we can offer you a continuous conveyor, phasing lift or clamping jaw conveyor in C or S form. All the products we offer can be made entirely from stainless steel, meaning all hygiene standards are observed. 


Crates are stacked and unstacked in partially and fully automated systems within the area of internal transport logistics. Depending on the space available and shape of the crates, we can provide you with a stacking system which either works “from above” or “from below”. If desired, we can often equip our crate stackers and unstackers with their own control system. In this way, our crate stackers and unstackers can be integrated into your existing line without a problem.


It is often necessary to turn a crate 180°, either before or after they enter the crate washer, or other units. We can provide you with various functional crate turners, even suitable for high outputs. Example of possible variants are a clamping jaw, which holds the product throughout the entire turning process, a turret winder, which, due to its design, can be used if space is limited, or even an unmotorised solution using stainless steel guide rails.


The conveyor direction of the crate is changed by 90° using a so-called corner transfer. We can offer you corner transfers in a diverse range of designs for all types of crates. Depending on the on-site conditions, we can manufacture systems with belt or chain drives. Another option is a corner transfer with two conveyor belts, whereby the synchronisation belt is implemented with a rubber conveyor chain. Furthermore, a corner transfer can be achieved for empty crates using a pneumatic cylinder.