Reliability and innovation
Reliability and innovation

Can and glass transportation

We have extensive experience in the beverage industry and as such, we are one of the leading providers of can and glass transportation systems in the food industry. WERFRING is your number one choice for any kind of conveyor system, from loading equipment for empty cans/empty glass to an infeed conveyor for a packaging machine. Our can and glass transportation system is the perfect conveyor for your product. Why? It has been designed for high outputs, is impressively easy to clean and is equipped with high-quality conveyor belt components.

The food and animal feed sector is constantly developing in terms of automated solutions. Our can and glass transportation technology is constantly being updated to fit in line with the latest technology as a matter of course, and it also fulfils all your hygiene standards. With manageable investment costs, you can save a lot of man power whilst simultaneously increasing the quantities you produce.


Our blow-out station for cans and glasses removes foreign matter from your empty cans and empty glasses using compressed air. A clamping jaw conveyor, located within a stable stainless steel base frame, turns to product so its opening is facing downwards. Subsequently, various air jets blow air into the product. The foreign matter filtered out of the products are captured and removed in suitable collection vessels. It is also possible for a metal detector to be integrated into the system. The blow-out station is supplied with its own control system and is easy to use. Upon request, we can also connect a water spray into our blow-out station.


Cans and glasses are separated using a pressureless technique in order to break up a mass flow into a structured form and guide the products into a unit one at a time. We can offer you different options for pressureless separation, depending on your output and product. We have also developed systems especially for the food industry. They are easy to clean and always correspond to your hygiene standards. 


One and multi-track conveying lines serve as links between individual production units in an automated production line. If desired, you can add various optional extras to our carriers, such as product covers made from stainless steel sheets, or even a complete cleaning system with internal spray nozzles.


Whether your products are empty or full, big or small, wet or dry – in the sector of can and glass transportation, we can offer you the perfect conveyor system for transporting your products between separate floors. Our clamping jaw conveyors can work with the most diverse range of can and glass shapes. The conveyor can be adapted to suit the height and diameter of your product in a matter of seconds thanks to its seamless, motor-powered adjustment options. 


Depending on the production processes, it is often necessary for those products manufactured first to be those which are processed first. We can guarantee that your product sequence will remain the same with our FIFO buffer table. And with large buffer amounts at the same time. Whether it's a matter of bottles, glasses or cans – our FIFO buffer table is the ideal solution to meet your requirements. We’d be happy to make you an offer for your product with the buffer amount desired.


For your can rinsers and turners, we would like to point you in the direction of our partner TTW. They have been the leading specialists in turning diverse products for over 25 years. We’re happy to deal with any inquiries, clarify any details and then work together with TTW to find your perfect solution.