Reliability and innovation

Tray, crate and box transportation

Has your marketing team devised yet another new packaging format in order to reach consumers? That’s the way things go: Packaging types, shapes and sizes are constantly changing over the course of time. Nevertheless, long setting-up times, as well as storing the many different parts of packaging machines, incur high costs. As such, WERFRING aims to install a packaging conveyor system which, on the one hand, will fulfil all your marketing requirements for years to come and which, on the other hand, will not incur any costs for system modifications.

In the era of disposable packaging, packaging conveyor systems have long since been required to do more than simply transport products from A to B. We take the packaging film, tray labels and packaging base structure into consideration. Only in this way are we able to offer you a packaging conveyor system which is gentle on your product, getting the most diverse types of packaging safely to their destinations. Standardised conveyor belts are adapted to suit your individual needs – you’re sure to be impressed by the quality of our products.


We primarily use our flat top chain conveyor in order to transport beverage crates. The main advantages of this conveyor system can be easily explained: it has a robust base frame, long service life and it is simple to replace parts. Magnetflex arches and a stainless steel finish come as standard. Another plus point is that it is possible to use extremely long single conveyors, meaning you save on drive systems.


The mat top chain conveyor is the most gentle way of transporting your trays and packaging.
The widest variety of line routes, such as ascending conveyors and curved and accumulating roller conveyors, can be implemented in just one single system. Our engineers can design conveyor systems to suit your individual requirements. Our mat top chain conveyors meet the highest standards in operational safety.


When installing a palleting system, it is normally necessary to adapt the conveyor technology used to date. We can supply you with the perfect synchronisation station for all your products, along with a turning station and accumulating roller conveyor belts.


Trays, crates and boxes always need to be turned as they go along the packaging line – in order to prepare the finished product for the palleting system, for example, or to change the product from being conveyed transversely to being conveyed lengthways so it is ready for the labelling machine. We have various options available for turning your products, depending on the intended use. Pneumatic turning pushers, accumulating turning systems, turnstiles and pressureless turning stations with two conveyor belts are all part of our wide range of products.


Are you looking for a solution which makes it possible to turn your crates without damaging them? Our powered clamping jaw conveyor is a reliable way to transport your crates safely to their destination. It is possible to adjust the width of the clamping jaw conveyor to fit various products in just a matter of seconds thanks to its seamless adjustment options. We also have a diverse range of crate slides with sliding rails and a brake wheel as an economical alternative for turning your crates downwards.


Are you looking for a way of getting your products to a different height? We would be happy to supply you with one of our standards products. We can incorporate a continuous conveyor, phasing lift or a coil into your line, depending on performance, height and space you have available. Whether it's a matter of achieving a continuous product flow, conveying heavy products or handling your goods with care: it’s all no problem for our conveyor systems.


It is often necessary to create different formations before products reach the tray or sheet packing system. Our line distributors can work with products on up to four tracks at high speed.