Reliability and innovation

Pallet conveyors

Do you need a pallet conveyor which meets the highest standards in operational safety? Here at WERFRING, we can offer you the perfect products with which to do so. We paid attention to every last detail when designing our standardised modular-based system and it ensures that levels of operational safety are high and that your goods are transported carefully. And the best thing? When it comes to service life, our pallet conveyor cannot be beaten.

Our pallet conveyor is perfect for carrying heavy loads as we use heavy weight-bearing frames, high-performance drive systems and high-quality conveyor belt components. Whether it’s a matter of half-pallets, euro pallets, industrial pallets, pallet cages or even plastic containers – our pallet conveyor will transport your product.


Pallet roller conveyors are the most effective form of technology for transporting your pallets lengthways from A to B. They are also often employed as buffer lines or dynamic storage. The First in/First out principle is guaranteed and as such, loading errors are avoided. We can offer galvanised, varnished, powder-coated or stainless steel pallet roller conveyors, as per each customer’s requirements. Rollers are divided to suit your individual product and depending on the pallet form. As such, our roller conveyors can even be used to transport half-pallets without a problem.


Chain conveyors are used to transport pallets diagonally, as well as to transport heavy products that cannot be carried on rollers. We can offer chain conveyors in a 2, 3 or multi-track design, depending on the weight being transported. The drive system is powered by a top-quality gear motor which is either affixed to the outer side or in the middle of the conveyor. It is even possible for heavy loads to be transported due to a huge, welded base frame. 


It is often necessary to unload a pallet along the main conveyor belt, or to change the pallet direct from straight to diagonal. We can offer you a corner conveyor with two, three or multiple track chain belts. The lifting function is operated with an eccentric lifting mechanism. If desired, we can also equip our corner conveyor with anti-slip, walk-on tread plates.


Pallet turning systems serve to change the direct in which the pallet is being transported, even in the tightest of spaces. Depending on the goods being transported, and if the customer so desires, we can supply turners with roller or chain segments. We can also manufacture all our pallet turners with protective covers as an optional extra so they can keep safe. What's more, our product range also includes a pallet turner with a small roller pitch for half-pallets.


WERFRING is one of the few manufacturers to supply combined lifting-turning stations. For example, the lifting-turning station can be used to change the pallet direction from transverse to lengthways on a line, or in order to merge lines, with one line having products travelling transversely and the other line having products travelling lengthways. In essence, the lifting-turning station involves a corner conveyor on a pallet turner. 


From a certain degree of output and automation, it becomes crucial to have an automatic pallet feeder for each individual unit. We can offer you various systems for unstacking your empty pallets. There is a difference between pallet magazines which can be directly integrated into a system and pallet magazines which serve for manual removal. Both systems are available for products being conveyed transversely or longitudinally.


In various production plants, it is necessary to place half pallets on a euro pallet. However, in some logistics sectors, two pallets of finished products are often stacked on top of each other. These activities are not a problem with our pallet doubler. It can be integrated into existing facilities thanks to being kitted out with its own control system. 


Loading and unloading stations are often subject to extreme stresses and strains, as products have a high dead weight and are constantly handled with various lifting vehicles. However, our loading and unloading station can withstand these stresses and strains without a problem, thanks to its extra-large steel frame combined with powerful motors and high-quality conveyor components. Depending on the lifting device, we can supply you with these stations with space for up to six pallets. Pallets are separated with an integrated corner conveyor. Crash barriers for lifting devices are included as standard.


Products can only make their way through the system and safely reach the logistics department if pallets are not defective. Our pallet checks examine your pallets before they even reach your system. Any damaged pallets are immediately removed. Our standard control involves an inspection of the runners and covering boards, and also checks for whether chocks are present. As an optional extra, we can also mill any nail indentations, brush down your pallets and perform a pressure test. Up to 250 pallets can pass through our pallet checks per hour.


We can supply a wide range of pallet carriages, as per customer requirements. Turntables, corner conveyors, roller conveyors and even chain conveyors can be used as build-out segments. One advantage of these carriages is that the transportation area remains accessible and drivable.


Our vertical conveyors provide an effective solution for transporting your goods between various levels. We offer vertical conveyors with either one, two or four column base frames, depending on the loads they carry. The lifting action is performed with a belt or chain drive. We can also kit the conveyor out with a various range of structural segments as an optional extra. What’s more, we can supply various types of safety equipment, as well as control or electrical technology if desired.