Reliability and innovation

Bottle and can transportation technology

Modern bottling and packaging lines are measured by their line output. This means that maximum efficiency is required.

This can only be achieved with perfect line scheduling and error-free operation of the bottle or can transportation technology.

WERFRING provides customised solutions for this connecting element, each with the highest levels of quality, precision, flexibility and efficiency.

Our bottle and can carriers are standardised up to a certain extent, but also vary to a huge degree and can be customised to meet specific individual requirements. We are continuously developing our products by working together with our component suppliers. Our main priorities are making sure that the system runs noiselessly, is resistant to wear and has a stable construction.


Bottles are separated using a pressureless technique in order to break up a mass flow into a structured form and guide the products into a unit one at a time. We use the product that is exactly right for you, depending on space requirements and line throughput. We can supply you with such equipment that can separate bottles or cans at a rate of 100,000 units per hour.


One or multi-track conveyors are absolutely essential in a bottling line. Plastic and steel flat top chains in the most diverse qualities can serve as the means of transport, depending on the product and output. WERFRING systems come with a high-quality motor, magnetic arches and a stainless steel finish as standard. Our construction department designs your product according to your individual requirements.


Bottle rejection tables are used subsequent to inspection devices. It is particularly important that the bottles do not fall over. This requirement is met by our bottle rejection table in conjunction with our rejection system.


Do you want to reduce system downtimes to a minimum? Our pressureless buffer table allows you to stack large amounts of containers in the smallest of spaces. A WERFRING buffer table is made up of individual standardised segments and is designed according to the buffering capacity you require.


In order to increase the output for individual units, people often rely on a two-track system. With our distributor, we can offer you a functional system which splits your containers from one track onto several tracks. Our systems can achieve outputs of up to 70,000 containers per hour, depending on the product. Together with our bottle and can conveyors, we supply you with the ideal multi-track machine infeed.


Do you have forklifts in operation in your bottling halls, or do you need to make sure there are emergency exits or pathways available for your staff? Our clamping jaw conveyor means conveyor belts that are mounted at a height can be reached without a problem. By employing automated adjustment units, clamping jaw conveyors can be adjusted to any of your products in a matter of seconds.


Are you planning for a new acquisition in the areas of empty glass pushing equipment or can depalletisers? The scope of services offered by WERFRING starts with the loading table. Thanks to its extra robust design, our loading table can withstand any type of glass breakages and collisions with a pushing system.